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Happy as a baby in water



Happy as a baby in water is the story of Benoit's non-violent birth. His first cry, his first bath, his first breastfeed.

Doctors, researchers and sociologists explain the foundations of their practice and the importance of these first moments.


One rediscovers motherhood, but this time ALSO from the babies' point of view. They speak to us: it is through their eyes, their hands, their movements that we can glimpse a life that is beginning ... differently ... differently well.

Technical sheet


Directors : Marc-Henri and Alexandre Wajnberg

Screenplay : Marc-Henri and Alexandre Wajnberg

Duration : 48 minutes

Year : 1978


A Wajnbrosse production

With the participation of Michel Odent and Danielle Rapoport

Bébé3 - Stand unibefilm - MIP TV - affichette.jpg
Heureux comme un bébé dans l'eau - Extrait

Heureux comme un bébé dans l'eau - Extrait

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Psychology Prize - the 1982 Brussels International Scientific Film Festival

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