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Oscar Niemeyer, an architect committed to his century


A film about the most prolific architect of the 20th century. One of the creators of Brasilia. It is the testimony of an artist who, until his death, believed in the socialist ideal. It's the story of a man who loves women. It is the adventure of a demanding personality, exiled in France under the Brazilian military dictatorship, who fought all her life for her country.


In 2000, at the age of 92, Oscar Niemeyer welcomes us to his home in Rio de Janeiro. He tells us about Brazil, of course, but also about France, Kubitschek, Le Corbusier, Fidel Castro, Malraux... He tells us about his life dedicated to architecture in a century shaken by political ideologies and artistic movements.

Technical sheet

Director : Marc-Henri Wajnberg

Screenplay : Marc-Henri Wajnberg and Rogier Van Eck

Duration : 60 minutes

Year: 2001

A Wajnbrosse production

In co-production with Panic Productions

With the support of the French Community of Belgium, RTBF, WIP, ARTE France, CNC, MEDIA 2

Oscar Niemeyer - Extrait

Oscar Niemeyer - Extrait

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"Marc-Henri Wajnberg retraces with finesse the century of Niemeyer"  


"Portrait of an architect whose work reflects a passion for women's bodies and love of freedom"

The World

"Wajnberg admirably paints the portrait of a man who is still lively and alert"  

Les Inrocks


First price  - Bratislava International Film Festival on Architecture 2004

Audience Award  - Kiev Festival 2004

Best Documentary Photo Direction  - Thunderbird International Film Festival 2002

Best Professional Documentary  - Thunderbird International Film Festival 2002

Los Charales Awards  - Ajijic International Film Festival 2001

Best Documentary  - Sydney Changing Images International Film Festival 2001

Silver Screen  - US International Film and Video Festival in Elmhurst, Illinois 2001

FIFA Grand Prix  - 19th International Festival of Films on Art in Montreal 2001

Bronze medal  - 41st Monte-Carlo Festival, 2001

Gran Premio "DOCUMANIA" - Madrid, 2000

Gran Premio - Muestra Intl De Patrimonio Arquitectonico Alcala 2000

First Prize - European Creative Documentary Festival in Strasbourg 2000

Audience Award - European Creative Documentary Festival in Strasbourg 2000


*TIFF 2001 (Toronto, Canada);

*Festival Internazionale di Film sull'Arte Contemporanea 2001 (Naples, Italy);

*Hong Kong International Film Festival 2001 (Hong Kong);

*Brussels Film Festival (Brussels, Belgium);


As well as 18 other festivals including Monte-Carlo, Graz, Madrid and Jalisco

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