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Kinshasa Kids


Eight street children, considered sorcerers by their families, set up a music group to thwart their fate and take back control of their lives. Helped by Bebson, a lively musician who improvises as a manager, they will thrill Kinshasa!


Technical sheet

Director : Marc-Henri Wajnberg

Starring : José Mawanda, Rachel Mwanza, Emmanuel Fakoko, Gabi Bolenge, Gauthier Kiloko, Joël Eziegue, Mickaël Fataki, Sammy Molebe, Bebson de la Rue, Joséphine Nsimba Mpongo

Duration : 82 minutes

Year : 2012

A Wajnbrosse production 

In coproduction with Inti Films (Belgium) et Crescendo Films (France)

With the support of Inti Films, Le Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, RTBF, VOO, Canvas, Le Fonds Audiovisuel FLamand (VAF), DGD, CNC, France Télévisions, Baya, Unicef and Eurimages

Kinshasa Kids
Bande annonce

Bande annonce

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"A film that is both radiant and fair"

La Libre

"Wajnberg has found, quite magically, the right tone"

Le Soir​

"We leave Kinshasa Kids with the feeling of having been the privileged witness of an extraordinary project"


"It's raw, pure, toned and courageous"

Le Mad


The Odyssée-Conseil of Europe Prize for Human Rights - Etoiles et Toiles du Cinéma Européen (Strasbourg) 2012

Audience Award - Bucharest Film Festival 2013

Special Mention "Man and his Environment" - Festival de Festroia 2013

Best Foreign Film Award - Black Screen Festival of Yaoundé 2013

Coup de Cœur - Marrakech Festival 2013

Humanum Prize - Belgian Film Press Union 2014

Magritte for Best Editing - Les Magritte du Cinéma 2014

Nomination for Best Film - Les Magritte du Cinéma 2014


*Venice days (World Premiere) / Venice Italy (Sept. 2012)
*Toronto Intl Film Festival (TIFF) / Toronto Canada (Sept. 2012)
*Vancouver Intl Film Festival (VIFF) / Vancouver Canada (Sept. 2012)
*New York Intl Film Festival (NYFF) / New York USA (Sept. 2012)
*Namur Intl Francophone Film Festival (FIFF) / Namur Belgium (Oct. 2012)
*Busan Intl Film Festival (BIFF) / Busan South Korea (Oct. 2012)
*Quinzaine du Cinéma francophone / Paris France (Oct. 2012)
*BFI London Film Festival / London UK (Oct. 2012)
*Zagreb Film Festival / Zagreb Croatia (Oct. 2012)
*Stars and Tiles of European Cinema / Strasbourg (Cinéma Odyssée) France (Oct. 2012)
*Mumbai Film Festival / Mumbai India (Oct. 2012)
*Hof Intl Film Festival (Hofer Filmtage) / Hof Germany (Oct. 2012)
*Thessaloniki Intl Film Festival (TIFF) / Thessaloniki Greece (Nov. 2012)
*Stockholm Film Festival / Stockholm Sweden (Nov. 2012)
*Kolkata Intl Film Festival (KFF) / Kolkata India (Nov. 2012)
*Black Nights Film Festival (PÔFF) / Tallin Estonia (Nov. 2012)
*Marrakech Intl Film Festival / Marrakech Morocco (Dec. 2012)
*Les Arcs European Film Festival / Les Arcs France (Dec. 2012)
*Africolor Film Festival / Paris, France (Dec. 2012)
*Black Movie Film Festival / Geneva, Switzerland (Jan. 2013)
*Festival Intl du Film d'Environnement (FIFE) / Ile de France France (Feb. 2013)
*Cinémathèque Belge de Los Angeles : Los Angeles California USA (Feb. 2013)
*Fespaco / Ouagadougou Burkina Faso (Feb. 2013)
*Prague International Film Festival - Febiofest / Prague Czech Republic (Mar. 2013)
*Festival Cinéma d'Alès - Itinérances / Alès France (March 2013)
*Music FF Philadelphia Film Society / Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA (April 2013)
*Movies that Matter / The Haage Netherlands (March 2013)

*Paul International Film Festival / Minneapolis USA (April 2013)

*Riviera Maya Film Festival / Mexico City Mexico (April 2013)

*Vues d'Afrique International Film Festival / Montreal Canada (Apr. 2013)

*Euro-African Film Festival / N'Djamena Chad (May 2013)

*Saint Malo Festival Étonnant Voyageur / Saint Malo France (May 2013)

*Festroia Festival / Portugal (June 2013)

*Écrans Noirs Festival / Yaoundé Cameroon (June 2013)

*Ezperanzah Festival / Floreffe Belgium (Aug 2013)

*Filmmambiente - Int. Environmental Film Festival / Rio de Janeiro Brazil (Sept. 2013)

*African Film Day in Oslo / Oslo Norway (Sept. 2013)

*Helsinki International Film Festival / Helsinki Finland (Sept. 2013)

*Autumn Film Cycle 2013 - Cinéma de l'Institut Français Centre St Louis / Italy (Oct. 2013)

*Etnia Film Festival, independent festival in Turku, Finland (Oct. 2013)

*14th Festa do Cinema Frances organised by the Institut Français / Portugal / Lisbon (Oct. 2013)

*Dialogue of Culture International Film Festival / Online Festival World (Nov. 2013)

*Exhibition on Congolese art at the Cleveland Museum of Art / Cleveland Ohio USA (Nov. 2013)

*Ciné Droit Libre Festival / Ivory Coast (Nov. 2013)

*European Film Days / Algeria Algiers (Jan. 2014)

*Teatro Comunale di Pergine / Verona Italy (Jan. 2014)

*Kalamazoo Francophone Film Festival / Michigan USA (March 2014)

*Francophonies 2014 Addis Ababa / Addis Ababa Ethiopia (March 2014)

*Ciné Afriqua 86 / Touring festival in several French towns (March 2014)

*Vienna Francophone Film Festival, organised by the Belgian Embassy in Vienna / Vienna Austria (April 2014)

*Bucharest European Film Festival / Bucharest Romania (May 2014)

*Rimouski International Film Festival / Quebec (September 2014)

*Lumières d'Afrique Festival in Besançon / Besançon France (November 2014)