Wajnbrosse Productions was unofficially born in 1977 under the leadership of two brothers Marc-Henri and Alexandre Wajnberg (the Wajnberg brothers… the Wajn-bros… Wajnbrosse) for the production of a documentary on Birth without Violence: Happy as a baby in water .

Wajnbrosse produced 2,700 short films, including the famous 1200 8-second Clap , in 1983, the official year of the company's birth.

These very short films, broadcasted daily in more than 50 countries for 10 years, gave birth to the wave of shorts films around the world.

Marc-Henri Wajnberg, producer and manager of the company, directed his first feature film Just Friends in 1993, which takes us to the discovery of jazz from the 50s / 60s in the city of Antwerp. Applauded by critics, the film will collect 12 international awards (including best Belgian film, best Belgian director and best actor for Josse De Pauw). His short film Le Réveil, performed by Jean-Claude Dreyfus, won the Rail d'Or in Cannes and 22 other international awards.

Subsequently, Marc-Henri made creative documentaries Evgueni Khaldei, photographer under Stalin and Oscar Niemeyer, an architect committed to the century . He produced feature films, including Lars Von trier and Jorgen Leth's film The Five Obstructions (120 festivals), designs and produced series, including the 33 documentaries Kaleidoscope, views on a living environment for Arte.

In 2012, he mixed genres in Kinshasa Kids, a fiction that takes us to meet children considered to be wizards in the Congolese capital.


Wajnbrosse produced various films in Kinshasa, recorded 2 CDs there and launched into Virtual reality with the film Kinshasa Now , selected at the 77th Venice Film Festival in the VR Expanded competition.

In 2019, Wajnbrosse co-produced the feature film The Barefoot Emperor by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth.

In 2021, Wajnbrosse produces the documentary Chancelvie.

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