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Commercials for the European Commission

Technical sheet

Duration : variable

Period : 1998 - 2003

Wajnbrosse Productions

17 films by multiple directors

  • Fishing (Lisbon World Fair 1998), Rogier Van Eck

  • Fisheries research, Rogier Van Eck

  • Intergovernmental Conference IGC 2000, Rogier Van Eck 

  • The Euro (drawings by Royer), Marc-Henri Wajnberg

  • Europe, Education, Culture, Rogier Van Eck

  • The European Union and the trade sector, Alexandre Wajnberg

  • European Year of Languages, Rogier Van Eck

  • Descartes Prize, Géry Meaudre & Alexandre Wajnberg

  • Committee of the Regions, Rogier Van Eck

  • Temporary protection of refugees, Rogier Van Eck

  • La Porte (campaign for the reception of refugees), Rogier Van Eck

  • Domestic violence, Rogier Van Eck

  • 13th European Union Contest for Young Scientists, Alexandre Wajnberg

  • The future of the European Union, Rogier Van Eck

  • Steel research, Alexandre Wajnberg

  • Europe For Africa, Alexandre Wajnberg

  • Nanotechnology, Marc-Henri Wajnberg

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