At lightning speed, that is to say in short sequences of 8 seconds, Marc-Henri Wajnberg director, screenwriter and actor of the series, creates a crazy universe, that of the Clapman who always blows his mind.

Technical sheet

Director: Marc-Henri Wajnberg

Scenario: Marc-Henri Wajnberg

Interpretation: Marc-Henri Wajnberg

Casting (les Clapettes): Ann Véronica Janssens, Monika Droste, Danièle Cochard

Duration: 1200 x 8 seconds

Year : 1983

A Wajnbrosse production


Clap - Extraits

Clap - Extraits

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“For this unrepentant gagman, humor does not drag on. His daily challenge is to make us laugh in less time than it takes to run an Olympic 100 meters ”


“We could write an encyclopedia on the comic, and this is perhaps, basically, what Marc-Henri Wajnberg achieved by developing his series of twelve hundred sketches. "


"It does not matter to which father to attribute the spirit of Wajnberg's clips since these trips to the land of the clap, by themselves, are worth all the most vibrant tributes in the cinema"


"M Between the magician's fingers of Marc-Henri Wajnberg, accessories have resumed their role of generating madness"




Gold Award - International Film & TV Festival (New York) 1984

Crystal Antenna for the Best Belgian Program 1984

Gold Award - Creative Club of Belgium 1985

Best Short - Sao Paulo Film Festival 1986

Prize - Funny Film Festival de Boario 1987

International Film & TV Festival 1984 (New York, USA);

Creative Club of Belgium 1985 (Brussels, Belgium);

Sao Paulo Film Festival 1986 (Sao Paulo, Brazil);

Funny Film Festival de Boario 1987 (Boario, Italy)