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ABOUT VR / 360 °

The virtual reality film Kinshasa Now is an experience where the viewer is immersed, thanks to a 360 ° VR headset, in the middle of the streets of Kinshasa while discovering the daily life of a street child.

The film is shot in a real setting, with real actors.

The experiment exists in a linear version and

in an interactive version with 60 minutes of film,

40 possible paths, the duration of which varies between seven and twenty-five minutes,

depending on the viewer's choices.

Indeed, during the film, proposals are made to the spectator who decides

itself from the rest of the story.

A3 - mika&cam_shooting.jpg

Past screenings

In selection at the Venice Film Festival

Visible on site and remotely in the institutions of Hangzou, Geneva, Moscow, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Taiwan, Berlin, Modena, Piacenza, Copenhagen, Montreal, Portland, Amsterdam and Istanbul

Brussels Palace Cinema

In September 2020

UNICEF Headquarters in Brussels

On the occasion of open days.

Wallonia-Brussels Center in Paris

At the 29th Francophone Cinema Fortnight, during an event organized by the Wallonia-Brussels Center and the Francophonie Métissée Festival

Future screenings

Tour in the Democratic Republic of Congo - Postponed due to covid-19.

Broadcasts in 28 locations, four cities - Kinshasa, Goma, Mbuji-Mayi and Lubumbashi for 31 days

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