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The Kinshasa Now promotional tour in the Democratic Republic of Congo was made possible thanks to our Congolese and European partners.

The tour is more than 2,500 spectators, four cities (Kinshasa, Kwilu Ngongo, Muji-Mayi and Lubumbashi), for a month, in about twenty screening places including:

in Kinshasa:

The headquarters of the Trust Merchant Bank; the REEJER (Network of Street Children and Youth Educators); The Wallonia Center - Brussels; at the OSEPER Center (Work for Monitoring, Education and Protection of Street Children); at the reception center for children on Ndako Ya Biso Street; to Texaf Bilembo; at ENABEL headquarters and at the European Union Delegation.

in Kwilu Ngongo:

At the center of the sugar company, at the Lippens space and at the Kwilu high school.

 in Mbuji-Mayi:

at the Center Miséricorde (accommodation center for children); at the Muetu Don Bosco Center (accommodation center and school for children); at the headquarters of the Trust Merchant Bank; at Center Anuarite (accommodation center for children) and Center Mazzarello (accommodation center and school for children)

in Lubumbashi:

at the Wallonia - Brussels Center; at the Number One Group's Bush Camp and at the Trust Merchant Bank headquarters.

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