I AM CHANCE follows the microcosm of a group of street savvy girls in the surprisingly bright, pop and artistic megacity of Kinshasa.


Astute, sassy and resilient, Chancelvie and her friends take on the world, fighting and nurturing, stealing and sharing, turning tricks and making art.


Vibrant and exuberant, Kinshasa itself becomes a character in the film, combining its voice with that of the girls. 

Technical sheet

Director: Marc-Henri Wajnberg

Casting: Chancelvie Kaponge, Shekinah Sonco,

Dodo Mbondo-Bumi, Gracia Matondo

Duration: 85 '

Year: 2021

A Wajnbrosse production

An RG & Créatifs Associés (DRC) co-production and

Eva Production (France)

With the support of the French Community of Belgium, Screen.Brussels, RTBF,

Be tv, CBA, Telenet, Canvas / VRT, Canal + International, Trust Merchant Bank,

Jean-François Peterbroek Foundation,

Forrest International Group and its foundations

Rachel Forrest and George Arthur Forrest.


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